Ttraining and diets

Eat the Rainbow low carbs meal

Ttraining and diets

We all have that moments when not at the training regime. It’s really easy to catch some extra weight and get lazy… Then, you realise that next race is around a corner… and you need to get quick to your race weight!

Diet! That’s the answer!
Remember to adjust and keep your nutrition and eating plan up to your trainings! It would be smart to work with nutrition coach or nutritionist. TriathlonNI Team members are lucky to have Eat the Rainbow as partner! Nutrition is known as fourth discipline in triathlon and without it you won’t be able to achieve your goals! You need fuel, proper fuel!
Now, let’s talk about diet. Folks, don’t start anything on your own (unless you’re dietician, nutrition coach or person with medical degree that can control and care about your health and wellbeing!). Especially when it’s one of those low carbs programmes!

Eat the Rainbow low carbs meal!

Starting your diet adjust your training to it. Remember that your energy levels are going to be different. If you’re on low carbs reduce your intensity, length of your trainings.

Muddy training. TriathlonNITeam! Control your trainings when on diet!

Whenever I’m away on my training, the first kilometres are all good, tempo, feelings. Then suddenly you feel like somebody unplugged your charger. Something like hitting a wall. If you work with proper people they will take care about you, keep you right and advise how to train during your diet. It’s normal to feel ’empty’ and heavy. So, don’t train like mad then. Take care about your body, yourself. Don’t take a risk with diet on your own!

Other thing is what is happening with our eating routines! I hear often – oh! You eat healthy! compering to our normal food.
That is so, so bad!
I don’t eat healthy! (Well, yes!) I eat normal! In the World that sugar and preservatives are in everything, eating good, healthy, organic and natural food became something special. Something that people are surprised to find out. Really? We need to start think and stop taking everything that is passed to us! I’m terrified when I see adverts saying that Nutella is great and god for breakfast, that eating crisps you getting great lifestyle, reading food labels see sugar everywhere! No it’s not ok, natural and good for You! Processed food, artificially improved food, preserved food… It’s all cheap! Question is – why all organic, naturally sourced food cost more? Why it’s luxury to eat in that way? I like fresh food, if something has months or years of ‘good to eat’ date I’m leaving it in shop…
When You train you want results, best coaches, great races, equipment! Add to that list fresh, natural/organic food, proper eating and feeling strategy. Super duper, high tech bike or shoes won’t cycle or run by themselves! On great fuel you’ll make any gear working good. you’ll see yourself on next level!
Folks, #EatSmart, #EatGood

Your proper training and nutrition will pay off! TriathlonNITeam

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