Parents in the Water

Parents in the Water

Parents in the water!
#beMagic! Swimming programme is complex learning process for children with ASD. Main aim and our goal is to teach children how to swim and be as safe in the water as it’s possible. During our lessons we work on social skill, team work as well as on confidence and choice making.

These are all things that lots of children on spectrum struggle. Working in small groups we help kids to get used to open up, be in the crowd and finally work with others. One of the most important parts of that work are sessions with parents, siblings and family members in the water. All together we have fun, exercises, games, races and splashes!Finally we have great time all together! Lot’s of parents want their kids to learn swimming as they’re non-swimmers, want their children be confident and save in the water or near it. During our family sessions we all overcome our fears, stepping out of comfort zones! Parents show their support to children, having a fun, learning what and how they can do together at the pool, lake, sea. Finally strengthen the bond. This is crucial for children confidence, self-believe and gives them boost for further work!
it’s, absolutely, amazing to see children and parents making extra step, mile to help each other. At the end we just having great time, enjoying splash, laughing playing, racing and fighting for waterpolo ball! Have you tried wheelbarrow race in the water? Try! Let parents be wheelbarrows! Play water volleyball kids vs. Parents (kids always win!), competition who throw wiggle float better, limbo walk under the float etc.
and at the end that moment to seat in hot tub and have a chat? Kids enjoying bubbles? There is no end to giggles, plays and chatters! Then, we all have lots of energy for hard work, swims and new challenges!

Then, we hear how great kids were on their holidays. How amazing change it’s been for whole family. Time at the pool are great fun now, family time. Everyone is looking forward to summer holidays, short breaks and can’t wait till next one!
That’s worth all that stepping out of comfort zones, making that little extra effort for your kids!

All our Snowflakes learn how to swim… it’s only a beginning!


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