Start using that simple word. It’ll simplify your session and make everything easier!

All children like simple things. Especially when it comes to learning new things! You start from simple, basic moves, skills. And when you’re moving to the next level, try keep things simple. It’s like going follow a line. You can try from begining, when you give a child plan for swim remember to make it clear what and when you do it. Use ‘then’ to separate your steps eg. Move around for warm up, then, 2 swims with the float, then, 2 swims on front, then, 2 swims on back, then, sinkers, then, play with bubbles (play pool)

‘Then’ is powerful tool making everything easier! Child understands what’s going on and plan of the day becomes simply and friendly. With #ASDswimmer it’s so important. Create easy, safe and friendly way to learn swimming. #ASDswimming!

This is day to day thing. You can/should use all the time. You’re going to be amazed how that simplify your communication with child. Understanding of your expectations and what you want to do and when will get to next level!


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