Ballymena #beMagic ASD swim program

After so strange and difficult times we decide it’s time to grow. We have big dreams and we have decided to start to fulfil them! Our swim school is going up to a next level!  (more…)


#beMagic in Ballymena

Sunday the 25th of July. Thats the day of the start of our #beMagic ASD swim program in Ballymena. It turns out that due to summer time we are lower on numbers. Thanks to that everyone has a time to work in their own pace and find out their confidence in the water! (more…)


Swimming in COVID-19 times

We all are affected by recent pandemia. Some of us were able or had to keep working. Some were less fortunate and were forced to stop. So, we are able to work now. Respect each other and take care for ourselves and others! (more…)

#ASDswimming MagicSwim

MagicSwim at Castillo Swim!

These are amazing news! We team up with Castillo Swim in Ballymena! It is all about our #beMagic program for ASD swimmers. We were able to splash in into private, sensory and warm pool! It was a blast! (more…)

BeMagic! MagicSwim

How’s last Year for me?

16th of March 2020. I’m at work discussing all news about new virus and st. Patricks day. All looks little bit different but still- life goes on! In the evening I’m getting message- pools are closed due to virus… I thought: cool! I need break and breath! Year later I’m sure: be careful what you...

TriathlonNI Team photo: Maciek Bator
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TriathlonNI Team 2020

TriathlonNI Team Season 20/21 Current situation has forced us to take this season as 2020/2021. We are supported by extraordinary people. And we are going to represent them through that strange times.As our main aim is support people in putting first steps in triathlons this season we will help Mirek to start his adventure in that...

#ASDswimming BeMagic! MagicSwim

Parents in the Water

Parents in the water! #beMagic! Swimming programme is complex learning process for children with ASD. Main aim and our goal is to teach children how to swim and be as safe in the water as it’s possible. During our lessons we work on social skill, team work as well as on confidence and choice making. ...