Swimrun- start of the journey!

Swimrun- start of the journey!

15th of November 10 months to go… 5:30am in Belfast… Registration for Swimrun Poland Otillo Merit Race are on!

Alarm clock went off… Aarrrgghhh. Time to do it! Computer on, brain still sleeping :/ swimrunpoland.com on… No registration yet… Refresh… Yeah! They’re on! Ups, create account, fill in forms, confirm… Surprise! We’re not first O_o Well… There are mad people everywhere…
Confirmation email in! Time to transfer money for our registration! Done, we’re in!
That’s relief. Of course everything has started from back side.
First- idea, all good.
Second- decision, we’re going!
Third- we’ve bought equipment… Wetsuits, hand paddles, shoes
Fourth- booked flights…
Fifth- hoping to get a spot for race…

Yup! That’s us. All done and ready to go. Now it’s training time. Together with Jonathan we agreed that it’s good to have a goal so we’ve set a time that we would love to get to… If we’ll be able to get that it’ll mean that we’re high in final standing! Last Swimrun Poland Otillo Merit Race winner had time 6:51:45… We’ll we be able to break it? Well, great to have goals and dreams!
On our way some races- triathlons. All season will kick off with Belfast marathon relay and IM 70.3 Mallorca in May! Then some races around Nirthern Ireland and off you go to Poland in September!

That’ll be exciting season!
We’ll keep you updated with our progress on our training towards Swimrun Poland Otillo Merit Race.

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