What a story!

What a story!
I wouldn’t expect such a thing! Everyone knows that I’m optimistic, positively thinking guy. But recently I had a moments that I wanted to quit!

All went well. We had few moments with Jonathan that our body was saying ‘wow- hold on’ some pains, strains and other silly things like that. Although, couple weeks ago Jonathan get bad shoulder… Swimmer’s shoulder. Yeah, we’ll be fine-tune rest, ice etc and he’ll be back… Then physio said- you need scan and see specialist…
Scan in few weeks and specialist saying ‘no’ for swimrun in September! Boom!
So, it looked like all plans and training put our plans out! No way! We decided to try find replacement and get me new partner for the race. Sent few messages, posted on FB… Nothing. Try to send pm to done people that I thought are in training and would be ready to go! Still nothing.
Then I’ve got message that maybe my old friend from Poland that we’ve studied together and actually we trained together and helped each other would be interested in. Although he had some questions about race and what’s going on! He’s type of guy that needs to have all planned and be sure that it’ll work! And, yes! I’ve got partner for Swimrun again!
Welcome Mateusz to TriathlonNITeam!!!

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