MagicSwim at Castillo Swim!

MagicSwim at Castillo Swim!

These are amazing news! We team up with Castillo Swim in Ballymena! It is all about our #beMagic program for ASD swimmers. We were able to splash in into private, sensory and warm pool! It was a blast!

MagicSwim has received an offer to bring its #beMagic program to Ballymena! We are thrilled for that opportunity. We spend Saturday having a splash in that beautiful pool. It’s Amazing! Private, no one bothers you, your activity, fun and you are in the bubble. Sensory, with possibility to dim the lights, put in-pool lights, it gives your #ASDswimmers sensory experience that is pure, distraction free and pleasant! Warm, water temperature is set up to 32 degrees – comfortable for all ages to learn swimming and enjoy big splash! There are all floats, toys and equipment needed for great water session – fun, learning and confidence! We love it!!!

MagicSwim at Castillo Swim

Now, we are working on #beMagic program for #ASDswimmer plan for Ballymena! We hope to make some big announcements soon! Stay tuned!
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