How’s last Year for me?

How’s last Year for me?

16th of March 2020. I’m at work discussing all news about new virus and st. Patricks day. All looks little bit different but still- life goes on! In the evening I’m getting message- pools are closed due to virus… I thought: cool! I need break and breath! Year later I’m sure: be careful what you wish for!!! Regular 2 weeks holidays would do! Not a Year, stuck at home!

Last Year was strange, difficult, different! With so many people helping us to get through. Thank You for that!

Everything has started with talks at work about virus. No one took it seriously or expected what was coming… So, on 16th in the evening I’ve got the message… Centres are closed. No-one knew for how long. With great weather and time for everything it was great in the beginning. But after few weeks and with no views on near future, we have started to worry. Especially in the first couple of months I had no idea haw it work for us. No work, no chance for quick return. All out of control and no idea what near future will look like. Then everything started to be ok as financial support was introduced and we could see end of the lockdown. Unfortunately (as you know) it was just beginning. In the October I was counting days to possible back to work… too early. It’s really frustrating to not be able to get back to place that I like, I’m good at (I hope) and my swimmers like and miss.

At this stage I cannot predict when we’ll be back. I can hope for some month but unless we hear official announcement, nothing can be for sure! I was able to work on plans and Magi Swim’s future. But due to restriction it will take some time to put them to life. But future looks promising.

I know we al are tired, frustrated and wanted just normal life. It looks like we are getting there. Slowly but surely! I know that we will go for swimming together, soon! I miss every and all my swimmers. Some fun, madness, craziness and laughter! I hope you will stay safe, strong and positive. This time I don’t want breaks, holidays (well, maybe a little bit), what I wish for is being able to back to work, to be able control and organise my life, work as before. Just like that, simple but so, not available at the moment!

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