Arroll Ltd.

It’s real pleasure to welcome to TriathlonNITeam our new sponsor! Arroll Ltd. Local company that deliver unique, classy and beautiful range of cast iron radiators and baths. you can check Arroll’s offer at

Arroll is a fusion between classic beauty and authentic craftsmanship.


Our company is based in Belfast – home to a ship building heritage that was known to be the best in the world. A century ago, highly skilled workers were striding to work, swerving at the clatter of horses’ hooves on the cobbles and jumping at the whistle of steam behind them.

Never more so in 1909, when the White Star Line’s new Titanic liner became the 401st ship to be built at Belfast’s Harland & Wolff shipyard. To accommodate the sheer size of Titanic and her sister ships, the yard constructed a sophisticated, state of the art scaffolding system known as the Arroll Gantry named after its designer, the Scottish civil engineer and bridge builder, Sir William Arrol.

In all our products, we remain true to the skill of the master craftsmen that passed their knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next. We are determined to keep those traditions alive. In today’s world where so many products are cheaply made, Arroll represents a move back to beautiful and functional artefacts that are made to last. And last.

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