You’ve decided to go for swim lessons. You, your child or anyone else. You’ve made first step and, actually, get to the pool for your swimming (lesson). Now, it’s time for most important thing! Keep ‘er lit!

What is a point to go 2, 5 maybe 10 times? Unless you’re natural and learn instantly, you need to stay on track, practise and improve week after week. Practice makes perfect. You’ll notice improvement with time, if you practice regularly. No joke! Regular, consistent work is a key. I’ve seen so many parents sending their kids for swim lessons and cancelling more than attending. And they’re surprised that their kids don’t progress! If you’re in the pool once a month there won’t be miracles (there’s no magic in that air)!!!

I know it’s not great news but success need time, regular and hard work.

So, stay focus and keep your swimming regular. Week after week

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