You’re fresh parent. If you would like to let your baby water confidence but don’t know where to start #MagicSwimBaby programme is for you. Your baby can swim, loves water and splashing around. I’m going to show you how build your confidence and knowledge to be your child’s partner in the water! #MagicSwimBaby contains eight topics and it’s up to you how quick you would like to meet them. You can go as fast as want, six days or weeks. #MagicSwimBaby is six 30minutes sessions with baby and parents, ideally both. Programme is divided into six topics: 1. Get into a water 2. First splashes 3. Kicks and water movements 4. Little jumps 5. Little diver 6. Slides and glides 7. Exploring the water 8. Let the Magic happened

#MagicSwimBaby will give you and your baby confidence needed in the water. Through splashes and fun all of you will start new passion! Never too early for swimming…

Price: eight weeks programme £200