It’s swimming programme for kids, not only those that need little bit more help, attention or just different approach. It’s swimming programme for all!

There is a goal. Learn how to swim. Be confident in the water. Have a skills that can save a life. Be able to enjoy swimming. Be happy in the water. Be safe. Be magic!

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#beMagic is a child/swimmer centred swimming programme

Some children go follow linear programme and the is no problem. Some are afraid of putting face in the water. Other stay panicking when try to lay forward or backward. Another are terrified of deeper water. That causes that mainstream group swimming is nightmare for them. So, here we are! #beMagic is child centred programme that focus on child’s needs, happiness and, mainly, abilities!
If your child prefers to swim butterfly, why not? Let’s do butterfly! Everything else will happened later, next or “then”. Before your child will realise it will can swim! We’re using distractions as tool to overcome fear. But it’s up to your child to let us show him/her how to swim. And everything will happen with your child’s approval. There is no forcing or pushing kids to do anything against they will. We’ll do everything in its own time.
So, butterfly first? Front crawl with head up? Free diving before proper swimming? Just moving in the deep water before learning how to blow bubbles? Yup! If we would need to put pool upside down, we’ll do! But at the end your child will swim! Your child will #beMagic
We, parents, our little swimmers, fellow coaches, all witness magic. It all the times gives us magic fuel to swim further. To make more magic. Get more happy faces!

Every month, together with Ashleigh from Snowflakes Belfast and Guests, we run live video session on Facebook. We talk about #ASDswimming. If you have any question or subject that you would like to discuss – join us! Ask us a question. Write before and we will be more than happy to discuss it and help you out!

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#beMagicLive – Facebook live video sessions where we talk about #ASDswimming

#beMagic programme is unique and is all about child/swimmer. Our goal is to make magic!
If you’re interested in, contact us! We are more than happy to listen and share our experience and journey with You!

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