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Sprint FX Sunglasses (with interchangeable lens)

The Ultra Speed sunglasses by Zone3 are designed for training, racing and everyday use. They offer fantastic comfort, vision and styling but at an affordable price point.

Below are the design key points:

1. Made using an innovative TR90 composite material designed in Switzerland. This thermoplastic technology is incredibly durable, flexible and lightweight. The flexibile nature ensures that the frames can bend under pressure and contour your face to maximise comfort. The pliable nature of the TR90 also helps to improve durability if dropped during a nutrition break or damaged in transition.

2. One other key points of this TR90 technology is the material is extremely lightweight which ensures a comfortable fit on the ears.

3. Polarized LMS (Light Management System) lenses are used and coated with multiple layers of titanium and silicone oxides to eliminate 100% of harmful UV rays improve colour focusing and provide sharper vision.

4. Interchangeable lenses based on light conditions. Also included is a non-polarized set of lenses for cloudy or darker conditions.

5. Both lenses feature bespoke air vents designed to work with the Anti-Fog coating and ensure that the sunglasses stay fog-free. This is essential for any triathlete as sunglasses fogging in the first stages of the cycle can be very common as the water from the swim evaporates from the skin.

6. Adjustable nose-piece for perfecting the fit and ensuring 100% no bouncing during racing. Try them on, jump up and down, shake your head and you’ll find they are still perfectly locked into place.

7. Wrap-around style to help ensure the great fit, especially for small to medium sized faces.

8. Each pair come in a stylish white box with free Micro-fiber bag for storage.