beMagic This programme is crafted for children that need special attention and individual approach. This programme is designed for children with disabilities and learning difficulties.

be Magic will run through three phases:

First- meet Magic– most important stage. Children need know their place of swim and coach.

Second- let’s do Magic– through play we will discover new environment, possibilities and skills.

Third- swim with Magic– that phase focuses on swimming and skills in the water.

be Magic set up goal for every phase. The way that we’ll get there is determined by child ability and current performance.
In this child-centred programme, important thing in be Magic programme is achievement.
We going to celebrate every single success, improvement and little goals.
That’s going to be a little journey from celebration to celebration.
That’s going to be Magic Swim for your child!You can choose one of the three schemes:
Classic– one 30 minutes lesson per week- £25 per week
Advanced– three 30 minutes lessons per week- £70 per week
beMagic– five 30 minutes lessons per week- £100 per week
If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate and contact me.