Magic Swim and TriathlonNI would like to introduce you to an outstanding  partnership opportunity. Our TriathlonNI Team is looking to establish professional partnerships with local businesses to support the development of our team. By cooperation with our team you will not only be supporting the promotion of healthy living trough sport but you will also be associating your company with the positive formation of good community relations among Northern Ireland residents. In return for your support we are able to directly market your service to members of triathlon community across the Northern Ireland and also acknowledge your assistance on TriathlonNI’s website, social media profiles and team’s apparels.
 Benefits of being TriathlonNI Team Sponsor: – Sponsor’s logo on tri-suits – Sponsor’s logo on official Team’s outfits- polo shirts, jackets – info on TriathlonNI website- sponsors’ page – posts on Facebook page – with our athletes be a part of events that TriathlonNI Team participates in – Sponsors will be named on Facebook posts with trainings and preparation updates (Hashtags, links to Facebook’s profiles, Twitter, Instagram etc) – All official events’ meetings, briefings etc. athletes attend in branded tops (polo shirts, jackets) with Sponsors’ logos – Using TriathlonNI Team members for business’ promotions, advertisements and promotional materials For more details and how You could be involved or to personalise Yours sponsorship, please, do not hesitate to contact Magic Swim and TriathlonNI 

Looking forward to hear from you. Magic Swim and TriathlonNI