The A word!

The A word!

A Word.
Some time ago Marta told me that I should find and read blog from polish guy from Scotland… Dad of child with autism. He shows, explains autism. And he’s rock ‘n roll man. So, I’ve found, read and even sent message! He replied 😉

At my work as swimming coach working mostly with children with autism any information about methods and ways to deal with people on spectrum is priceless! That let me try to get to my little swimmers and change methods to achieve our goals!

Rock Daddy- Nikodem Sadłowski, that’s the Man, is an author of “A word”. As far as I know it’s awaiting for its English version issue. I’ve finished my. Got it from Santa
Title gets us guessing what’s it all about! Is A word bad word or not? Well, we’ll read and see…

The book is very personal journal of Dad and his autistic son. It’s true and real, shows laugh, tears, joy and sadness. There’s no haughtiness or arrogance. It’s simple and real. If there is about pain, tears you can feel it, it’s wet… If you read about happiness and joy you can see rainbow in the sky!

When I’ve got a book in my hands I had no idea what to expect… I was afraid of long and boring sections of medical quotations. Autism can be hard, boring and scary… But not here! Surprise! Chapters are short, simple and easy to read. You exactly know what the message is! Thought and description. Message. Feelings. It’s all about message. For you to understand. Get it to your core. It gets there.

For me as swimming coach that book is as guide. Shows exams of autism, explains it, gives ideas how and why to approach autistic person/child. In the same time it doesn’t want to be one and only way to do it. Author few times days that it’s his way and method and you didn’t restrict yourself. It teaches you thinking ‘out of the box’ looking for your way, try different methods/approaches. Pushes you to looking for your own ways, creating your methods, studying autism.

Though, most importantin the book is humanity. Its journey of dad and son and family. It’s will to be Dad, be able to help, to be Family.
It’s not important if you have contact with autism or not, read that book! For sale of awareness, knowledge. Being able to understand better other people. Maybe finally you’ll know what to say or not…

Now I know that book’s title didn’t hide bad word. It hides tabu word. Word that people don’t want to say or know. It’s title about word that should be well know as well as its meaning and knowledge behind it!


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