Training in progress!

Training in progress!

New Year in! All the plans set up. Goals are clear! training ongoing!

Swim, run, cycling… With ironman 70.3 just around corner and Swimrun on horizon there is enough motivation to move my back out and train! I found out that on the days that I can’t train I’m anxious… something is missing. There are some certain days like Tuesdays for gym session, Thursdays for swimming and Sundays for run… then due to family and work commitments I try to fit other trainings… Even early morning starts are not so bad… Just trying to go out quiet… Everyone is sleeping…
So, with all that now it’s time to confirm all races… Still waiting for registrations to open…

Getting into a training is challenging. All commitments are important and sometimes you need to quit… So, not all training session are happening as planned. Weather this Year is not helping either.

Heavy rain, snow… No-one will take a risk of injury… Sometimes it needs to be morning coffee with little treat 😉

Luckily gym and indoor sessions are available!

Important is to stay focused and motivated! With every gains we can see that we’re getting there!

Triathlons and Swimrun.. We’re coming!

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