Favorite one! Fists swim


I love that swim! It shows how great and effective hands are.
It’s very important in swimming to make them as efficient as it’s possible! So, at that one focus on your arms and hands.
Feel them working against the water! Feel water pressure on your hands and forearms.
And go, slide through the water! For glory! 😀
Remember if you want go more just double Main.
If you would like to go less cut Main by half…

Warm up
200m freestyle
200m F/C

100m F/C with fins
100m F/C

10x75m- 25m F/C fists swim
25m F/C long pulls
25m F/C feel water on your hands
4x50m F/C- strong legs, easy arms

Cool down
200m- 50m F/C
50m F/C arms
50m F/C legs
50m F/C